Upcoming Activities @ KIC InshaAllah

(2) InshaAllah, Powern Point Presentation on Purification 

Saturday April 18th (Jamada-II) Zuhr Prayer (2:00PM)

(1) Guest Speaker: Muslim Leagal Fund, Friday Khutbah &

Talk between Maghreb & Isha مغرب-عشاء April 17th

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Kalamazoo, MI has a strong and growing muslim community. Since 1975, the Kalamazoo Islamic Center has served the needs of this diverse group of Muslims in Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas.


The masjid holds daily prayers. Also, every Friday, people gather to offer Jumm'a prayer at the masjid. In addition, Taraweeh prayers are held during Ramadan, and KIC also administers both Eid prayers. Click here for the prayer schedule and related information.

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